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Curriculum Vitae:
Name :   Amanina Alwani
Position :   Lecturer (Diploma: Jazz/ Modern Piano)
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Research Area:



  • Film Scoring
  • Music for Animation and TV Advertisement
  • Composition
  • Orchestra  Conducting
  • Arranging
  • Vocal Performance
  • Modern Piano






  • MU110 Diploma in Music.
  • MU221 Bachelor Degree in Music Composition.
  • MU222 Bachloer Degree in Music Performance






  •  N/A.


Professional Qualifications/ Certifications/:



  • Master of Science in Composition for Screen (With Merit) University of Edinburgh, Scotland, UK (2016)
  • Bachelor of Music Composition (First Class Honours), University Technology of MARA, Shah Alam, Selangor. (2013)
  • ABRSM (The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music) certificate in Piano and Music Theory (2008)



Professional Experiences:



  • Private home teaching for beginners (Piano and Vocal).
  • Instructor for ‘Kumpulan Puisi dan Lagu’, SMK Rapat Setia, Ipoh. (2010-2015)
  • Instructor, Composer and Arranger for Nasyid group of SMK Rapat Setia, Ipoh. (2015-2016)
  • Tutor in a music workshop for Rhythm Section category at SMK Presint 11 School, Putrajaya. (2012)
  • Participants of the Conducting Class Workshop by Jonathan Brett from Conductor`s Academy held in Reed Music Concert Hall, Edinburgh (2016).
  • Sitar player in The Sitar Project organized by University of Edinburgh, Scotland (2015-2016).
  • Gamelan player for ‘Gamelan Club’ UiTM (2011-2013).
  • Attended conducting class by Assoc. Prof. Razif Mohd from University Malaya, held in SERATAS, Taiping, Perak (2010).
  • Participated in the Conducting Master Class Workshop organized by UiTM for SBP Wind Orchestra Conductors (2007), taught by Pak Yusbar Jailani.



Research Grants/ Academic Grants:



  •  N/A.



Literary Publications (Article Journals, Book Chapters, Music Scores etc.) and Academic Conferences / Proceedings:



  •  N/A.


Creative Works/ Music Performances: 




    1.      Song titled ‘The White Ribbon’ was premiered at the National Gallery, Singapore for Goh Chok Tong Youth Promise Award Ceremony. Nabillah Jalal performed it on piano. Later the same piece was performed in KL PAC by Khairunnisa Md Noor and Tomonari Tsuchiya (2016)

    2.      Song titled ‘The Secret Cast’ an orchestration, has been chosen to be played in the Petronas Philharmonic Hall (KLCC) in conjunction of UiTM Faculty of Music, celebrating their 30 years of music anniversary (2014)

    3.      Song titled ‘Lentera Perpaduan’ composed for SMK Rapat Setia School, Ipoh in the ‘Pertandingan Puisi dan Lagu’, won Best Composition in the State level of Perak and won third place in the National level in Sabah (2013)

    4.      Composed, arranged and sang the song titled ‘Dirgahayu Duli Tuanku’ in the UiTM 76th Convocation in May, for the Royal Majesty of Malaysia. (2012)

    5.      Song titled ‘Gemersik Perpaduan’, being played in the ‘Pertandingan Puisi dan Lagu’ National level in Sibu, Sarawak. Won best composition in the Perak State level (2012)

    6.      Song titled ‘Tanah Pusaka’, being played in the Musical Theatre ‘Kampung Baru’ organized by the FITA UiTM (2011)



    1.      Vocalist and Music Director for Dikir Barat group organized by EMSA (Edinburgh Malaysian Society Association) at the Teviot Row House, Edinburgh. (2016)

    2.      Background singer for Egypt’s short film, composed by Khaled Al Kammar (First of August, 2016).

    3.      Background singer for Edinburgh’s short film composed by Laren Polic (Sinisa, 2016).


    4.      Singer in several tracks of Musical Theatre “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” organized by Queen Margaret University composed by Hazel Turnbull and Katie Butler in Edinburgh, Scotland (2016)

    5.      Back-up vocals for ‘Gegar Vaganza Season 1’ (Haleeda) in MBSA Hall, Shah Alam (2014).

    6.      Singer for the group ‘Al Kisah’ and ‘Do Ti Pa Cak’ for a TV Programme; ‘Ilham Muzika’ (2013)

    7.      Singer for the Malaysian Youth Symphony Orchestra in the Mini Concert Tour, organized by Istana Budaya in UPSI (2012).

    8.      Singing for live recordings in Perak FM Radio Station with the accompaniment of RTM Perak Music Combo (2011).

    9.      Youth Choir Competition organized by USM Penang (2010).

    10.  Back up vocals for Musical Theatre ‘Cuci-Cuci The Musical’ in Istana Budaya, Kuala Lumpur (2009).

    11.  Back-up vocals for ‘Anugerah Skrin TV3 Award’ in PWTC (2009)

    12.  Jazz singer for the group ‘The Educators’, performed in weddings and various occasions. (2006 to present).



    1.      UiTM Convocation Ceremonies.

    2.      ‘Saleem and Zamani Concert’ in Max Pavillion, Singapore (2012)

    3.      Musical Theatre ‘Kampung Baru’ organized by FITA (2011).

    4.      HIFA, Simfoni Kasih, Jazztified, Rendevous, Eximious, 4th Music Education Conference, Hari Wanita Belia Muda UMNO and etc.



    1.      Represented Malaysia in The Gamelan World Festival held in Yogjakarta, Indonesia.

    2.      Performed at ‘Visit Perak Carnival’ in Ipoh, Perak.

    3.      ‘Eximious Concert’ in Istana Budaya, Kuala Lumpur.

    4.      Performed for a Symposium in Bangi, Selangor.


  • Sitar player for ‘ The Sitar Project’ organized by University of Edinburgh and had performed at ‘The Wee Red Bar’ and Edinburgh ‘Jazz Bar’, Scotland, UK (2016)

  • Saxophonist for UiTM Wind Orchestra (2009) and the ‘Royal Rhasopdy Wind Orchestra’ (2005-2007)

  • Conductor of the ‘Royal Rhapsody Wind Orchestra’ (SERATAS) in 2008.

  • Khairil Johari Johar – 2016- ‘Apa Yang Ku Cari’ song (Lyricist for ‘Apa Yang Ku Cari’)

  • Haleeda  - Gegar Vaganza Season 1; 2014 (As back-up singers)

  • Danial Chuer - Idola Kecil Ultra Competition; 2014 (Composed a winning song ‘Sinar Pelangi’ for a reality tv programme in TV9)

  • Asmidar duets with Danial Chuer – singing ‘Sinar Pelangi’ in the finals of ‘Idola Kecil Ultra’ competition; 2014

  • AG COCO - Arranger and producer of ‘Sinar Pelangi’ song; 2014

  • Haleeda – ‘Angin Syurga’ drama; 2013 (Composed ‘Impianku’ for the OST)

  • Adnan Abu Hassan – Arranger for the ‘Impianku’ song; 2013

  • Atilia Harun – Razzmatazz Concert; 2013 (Composition ‘Tidak Ku Sangka’ )

  • Saleem and Zamani concert tour in Max Pavillion, Singapore; 2012.

    (As Keyboardist and back-up singer)

  • Duet with Nora in the Ambank Song Writing Competition organized by RTM; 2011 (Singing the composition of Mr. Ismail Datuk Ahmad Nawab, ‘Kau Kekasihku’)

  • RTM Combo Perak; 2011 (Recordings and events).

  • Rudi Muhammad – Music Director for Anugerah Skrin Award in TV3; 2009. (As Back-up Vocals).



Media Recordings & Publications:



  • A composition titled ‘Sinar Pelangi’ singing by Danial Chuer (2014).
  • Composed and arranges official song for INTEC UiTM (International Education College) titled ‘Mulanya Disini’ (2014).
  • Song titled ‘Impianku’ has become the original soundtrack (OST) of the drama ‘Angin Syurga’ singing by Haleeda. (2013)
  • Song titled ‘Hujan’ was composed and sung by me for a TV Programme called ‘Ilham Muzika’ which features new compositions from music students from various universities. (2013)
  • Live recordings were taken from the Musical Theatre of Tan Sri Arshad Ayob ‘Destini Anak Bangsa’, where 3 songs were recorded. ‘Adik Manis’, ‘Jasa di Kenang’, and ‘Mengusik Kalbu’ singing by the actors and actresses in the play. (2013)
  • The UiTM Music Faculty has chosen ‘Guru’ a theme song for Teacher’s Day and sponsored the recording production as to propose it to the Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE)(2012)
  • (Vocal recording) MK Ridzuan composed ‘Andainya’ for a TV Programme called ‘Ilham Muzika’ which features new compositions from music students from various universities. (2013)
  • (Vocal recording) ‘Besame Mucho’ and ‘Kasih’ were recorded in RTM Perak for a slot in the radio station Perak FM (2011).
  •    A composition titled ‘Sinar Pelangi’ singing by Danial Chuer, has become his first single produced by Monkey Bone Production 8TV (2014).

  • Song titled ‘Impianku’ had become the original soundtrack (OST) of the drama ‘Angin Syurga’ TV2, singing by Haleeda. (2013)



Event Productions / Masterclasses / Guest Lectures:



  • Hosting a children music program titled ‘Tune at Kids on Two’ on RTM TV2


Awards & Recognitions:



  •  N/A.





 UiTM/ Faculty Appointments:

  • Timetable Committee (member) 2017-2018.
  • Academic Mission Committee (member) 2017-2018.
  • Publicity Committee (chair) 2017-2018.
  • Corporate Coordinator 2017-2018.


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