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Name : Assoc.Prof.Dr. Valerie Ross
Position : Assoc.Prof
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Telefon : 03 - 55227264

Research Area:

Cross Cultural Musicology,  Music Education, Composition, Music Neuroscience, Interdisciplinary Research


Undergraduate & Postgraduate Programmes (MU220, MU770, MU780, MU990)




  • PhD (Deakin University)
  • Master of Education (Deakin University)
  • Bachelor of Music. Hons (University of London )
  • Diploma, Royal Scottish Academy of Music & Drama




Position /Teaching Experience:

  • Associate Professor of Music, UniversitiTeknologi MARA (2005-present)
  • Vice President of Academic Affairs, International College of Music (1997-2005)
  • Dean of Academci Affairs, International College pf Music, (1996-1997)
  • Undergraduate instruction include courses in  curriculum design, administration and supervision, research methodology
  • Postgraduate Supervision (Masters / PhD)
  • Numerous managements and administrative positions, head of postgraduate programme, head of quality assurance, curriculum review and staff development.
  • External examiner to various institutions of higher learning.


  • Chair, Board of Management, Centre for  Intercultural  Musicology at Churchill College, University of Cambridge (since 2012)
  • Member, Board of Accreditation, Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA) (since 2008)
  • Panel of Auditors (Institution / Programme), Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA)(since 1997)
  • Reviewer, International Journal of Arts, Culturel& Heritage  (since 2013)
  • Member of International Editorial Board, International Journal of Music Education (2006-2012)






Fellowships & Awards

  • By-Fellow, Churchill College, University of Cambridge (2011)
  • Visiting Research Fellow, Institute for Music Research, University of London (2010)
  • Fellow, Bellagio Study and Conference Centre, Italy, Rockefellar Foundation Award (1994)
  • Composer-in-Residence, International Institute for New Music, Darmstadt, Germany (1990,1994,1996).
  • Composition Award, (‘Tatagatha’) Commonwealth Foundation, Presented to HM Queen Elizabeth on the 40th Anniversary Celebrations as Head of the Commonwealth (1994)
  • Composition Award (‘Embattled Garden’), Japan Foundation (1992)
  • Fellow,  US-China Arts Exchange, Columbia University, USA (1991).


Research & Publications

(Journals, Proceedings)

Ross, V.  (2012) ‘From Transformative Outcome Based Education to Blended Learning’, Futures , Elsevier Publications , Vol 44, No 2, pp.148-157.

Ross, V (2012) ‘Depth: Composing through Schenker’,Malaysian Music Journal, Vol 1, No 1, pp.7-15 ISSN: 2232-1020

Ross, V (2012) ‘Music Learning and Performing: Applying Written and Oral Strategies’, 6th International Conference on University Learning& Teaching (InCULT2012), 20-21 November 2012, Shah Alam, Malaysia (Elsevier Publications – in press).

Ross, V. (2012) ‘Methodological Model for Cross Cultural Music Research, 4thMalaysian Music Education Conference, UniversitiPendidikan Sultan Idris, Perak, Malaysia, 15-17 Feb 2012.

Ross,V. ‘Musical Training through Listening: Western and non-Western Approaches’, Anatomy of Listening Colloquium, 30 Aug -3 Sept 2011, University of Glasgow.

Ross,V. ‘Challenges Faced by Performers of Cross Cultural Music’, International Performance Network Studies Conference, 14-17 July 2011, Faculty of Music, University of Cambridge.

Ross, V. ‘Authenticity in Intercultural Composition’, Royal Music Association Annual Conference, ‘Boundaries’ 15-17 July 2010, University of London. Proceedings.

Ross,V. ‘Congruence and Contradictions in Orchestral Music’, Institute of Musical Research, Symphony Orchestra as a Cultural Phenomenon Conference, 1-3 July 2010, University of London.

Ross, V. ‘Virtual Quality in Transformative Outcome Based Education’, Global Learn 2010, Association for the Advancement  of Computing in Education, Penang 17-20  May 2010. Paper published in EditLiB, (2010).

Ross, V. ‘Publishing research in international music journals’, International Seminar on the Malaysian Music Industry,National Academy of Culture, Arts & Heritage, Ministry of Information, Communication & Culture, Malaysia, 10-11 Nov 2010.

Ross, V. ‘Cycles’  for Piano, Oboe and Tabla or Mridangam’, UPENA UiTM , ISBN 978-967-363-080-6 (Music Score Publication) (2010).

Ross,V. External music examiners : micro-macro tasks in quality assurance, Journal of Music Education Research,  London: Routledge, 2009. Vol. 11  No.4, pp. 473-484, ISSN 1461-3808.

Ross, V. ‘Transforming Musical Achievement through Outcome-Based Education’, Proceedings, UiTM International Music Conference, 19-20 Oct 2009, Shah Alam ISBN976-967-305-431-2.

Ross, V. ‘Power dynamics in designing assessment papers for blended-mode learners’, Conference Proceedings, 21stAnnual Asian Open Universities Conference, Open University Malaysia, Putrajaya, 29-31 October 2007.

Ross, V. ‘Traditional Music Curricular in Undergraduate Music Studies’, Conference Proceedings, 6th Asia-Pacific Symposium on Music Education Research, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand, 25-27 July 2007.

Ross, V. ‘External public music examinations: social and symbolic significance’, Conference Proceedings, 27thInternational Society for Music Education World Conference, Kuala Lumpur, 16-21 July 2006,ISBN 0-9752063-6-2.

Ross, V. ‘Quality assurance: role of external examiners’, Conference Proceedings, Kuala Lumpur International Conference on Assessment, Malaysian Examination Syndicate, 16-19 May 2006.

Ross, V. ‘Assessment Strategies of Diverse Music Programmes’, BeringinJournal of National ArtsAcademy, Vol 2 pp. 47-58, ISSN 18236383 (2006).

Ross, V. ‘Designing e-curricular: a creative transformation’, Conference Proceedings,3rdInternational Conference on Teaching and Learning, Asian Centre for University Learning &Teaching, UniversitiTeknologi MARA, 14-15 March 2006, ISBN -13-978-093-41835-1-6.

Ross, V. ‘Training needs for Music Educators’,Perspectives of Music Education, UniversitiTeknologi MARA, UPENA 2006 (book chapter).

Interdisciplinary Research & Publications (Music & Science)

Valerie Ross, ZainiMohd-Zain, Zunairah Haji Murat,NorlidaBuniyamin&SahrimLias, ‘Hemispheric brainwave activity of violinists playing with music notation and without music notation’,  IEEE Technically Co-Sponsored Science and Information Conference, London, 6-8 Oct, 2013.

Jean Penny, Valerie Ross, Andrew  Blackburn, ‘Electroaccoustic music as intercultural exploration: synergies of breath in Malaysian nose flute playing’,  Performance Studies Network, 2nd International Conference, University of Cambridge, 4-7 April 2013.

Hasminda Hassan,  Zunairah Murat, Valerie Ross&NorlidaBuniyamin,‘ A preliminary study on the effects of music on human brainwaves’, International Conference on Control, Automation and Information Sciences (ICCAIS), Vietnam, 26-29 Nov 2012  (proceedings) ISBN 978-1-4673-0813-7

ZainiMohd-Zain, NorlidaBuniyamin, Valerie Ross&NavindraKumari, ‘Mechanisms of Staphylococcus aureus exposed to different musical frequencies and wavelengths, Research Colloquium, Faculty of Medicine,  UniversitiTeknologi MARA, 2-3 Dec 2012 (proceedings)

ZainiMohd-Zain, NorlidaBuniyamin&Valerie Ross, ‘Effects of audible sounds on growth rate and antibiotic susceptibility of Staphylococcus aureus’,The 12th Symposium of the Malaysian Society of Applied Biology, Terengganu, 1-3 July 2012.

Isma-Syaril IsmailValerie Ross, NorlidaBuniyamin, ZainiMohd-Zain, ‘Effects of Audible Sounds on Growth Pattern and Biofilm Formation of StaphloccousAures, 1st Annual IMMB Postgraduate Colloquuim 2011 Institute of Medical Molecular Biotechnology , Faculty of Medicine, UniversitiTeknologi MARA, ISBN 978-967-363-332-6

Hasminda Hassan, Zunairah Haji Murat, Valerie Ross, ZainiMohd-Zain, &NorlidaBuniyamin, ‘ Enhancing Learning Using Music to achieve a balanced brain, 3rdInternational Conference on Engineering Education, ICEED 2011, ISBN 978-1-4577-1259-3

Isma-Syaril Ismail, Valerie Ross,NorlidaBuniyamin, ZainiMohd-Zain, Physiological and Morphological Changes of Staphylococsusaureus Exposed to Various Types of Sound Stimuli, International Congress of the Malaysian Society for Microbiology 2011, ISBN 978-983-99873-1-7


Research Grants

Eye tracking patterns with music intervention using VNG (videonystagmography) to improve brain plasticity among children with autism, E-Science Grant , Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI) Malaysia.  06-01-01-SF0612 9(2013-2015) (Lead researcher)

Comparing Music Learning Approaches of Violinists &Rebab Players Through the Examination of Brain Wave Frequencies’ (Trans-disciplinary Research), FRGS Grant, Ministry of Higher Education, Malaysia  IPTA: UiTM,  NO.RUJ. KPT:JPT.S(BPKI)2000/09/01JLD.11(52) (Lead researcher)

‘Mechanism of Stahylococcus Aureus Exposed to Different Musical Frequencies and Wavelengths(Trans-disciplinary Research)FRGS Grant, Ministry of Higher Education, Malaysia (2011-2013) (Co-researcher)

Perpetuating Orang Asli (Semai) Cultural Aesthetics, Worldviews And Wisdom Through Their Children’ , Projek KIA (KomunitiInovasiAmanjaya), InstitutDarulRidzuan, Perak (IDR/KIS/13/12) (2012) (Co-researcher)


(Recent premieres)


‘Talatricks’ for Tabla,  Intercultural Expressions, Centre for Intercultural Musicology at Churchill College, University of Cambridge, 23 April 2013.

‘Dreams and Nightmares’ for Cross Cultural Music Ensemble, CIMACC2012 Symposium & Concert in conjunction with the Cambridge Festival of Ideas, University of Cambridge, 2 Nov 2012.

‘Sounds, Sights and Senses’ for Music Theatre,  Gesturz, UniversitiTeknologi MARA & Embassy of Italy, Malaysia, premiere16 Oct 2012.

Portrait Concert : Valerie Ross, ‘Soundscapes’,  University of Cambridge,  2 Nov 2011.

‘Li Bai’, Harmony Ensemble, Opening of Confucius Institute, University of  Glasgow  Oct 2011.

‘Ragaslendro’, Shadows and Silhouettes, Wollongong, Australia  Aug 2011


More compositions

Full-Evening  Music-Theatre Productions


  • ‘MahMeri’, Aborigines Music, Carey Island, Music Theatre, Sutra Dance Theatre, 2006
  • ‘Titiwangsa’, Istana Budaya (Palace of Culture), National Theatre, Kuala Lumpur 2006
  • ’Aku’, Sutra Arts Festival, Kuala Lumpur 1996
  • 'Web 1 & Web II',Sculpture, Painting & Music, City Hall Munich, Germany.1996.
  • 'Borne', Music for Art Exhibition, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 1996
  • ‘Portrait Concert’, Composer of the Year Series, ORF, Vienna 1995
  • 'Laras',Living Treasures, Music for Photo Exhibition, Bali, Indonesia. 1995
  • ‘Nadis-Chakra’, New Forms and Expressions, Music for Sculpture, Australian High Commission, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 1993
  • ‘Fatamorgana’, Sutra Arts Festival, Kuala Lumpur 1993
  • ‘Embattled Garden’, Japan Foundation, Kuala Lumpur 1992
  • ‘Criss-cross’, Sutra Arts Festival, Kuala Lumpur 1992

Additional Works

  • 'Depth', Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 2005
  • 'Dance of the Emerald Moon', x-TRAX Festival, Manchester, UK. 2003
  • 'Jigsaw Blues' for Piano, Amsterdam, Netherlands. 1999
  • 'Cycles', Bern, Switzerland. 1998
  • 'Desa Paku', Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 1996
  • 'Laras', Bali, Indonesia. 1996
  • 'Tumbok', Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 1996
  • 'Womb', Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 1996
  • 'Sacrifice Returned', Bangkok, Thailand.1995
  • 'Gates to Transcendence', Vienna, Austria. 1995
  • 'Pyramid', Vienna, Austria. 1995
  • 'Serbelloni', A Bridge Across, Pittsburgh, USA. 1995
  • 'Synthesis' for French Horn,Tokyo, Japan. 1995
  • ’Confluence',  Sutra,  Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 1994
  • 'String Quartet No 2', ISCM World Music Days, Stockholm, Sweden. 1994
  • 'Point of Exit',Essen, ISCM World Music Days, Germany. 1993
  • 'Ansioso for String Orchestra', Asian Music Festival, Sendai, Japan. 1992
  • 'Tatagatha', Commonwealth Foundation, HM Queen Elizabeth II, 40th Anniversary Celebrations, London, UK.1992
  • 'Manu', Sutra Festival, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 1992
  • 'In Motion', Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 1992
  • 'Snake Charmer' for Oboe, Seoul, South Korea. 1992
  • 'Song of Innocence', Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 1991
  • 'String Quartet No1', Seoul, Korea. 1991
  • ’Karma', International Rostrum of Composers, Paris.1991