A VCSP (Vice Chancellor Special Project), Academie Muzika provides a platform for UiTM’s Faculty of Music staff and students to share their expertise in music through training and consultancy. Academie Muzika also offers instrument /voice lessons along with short courses and workshops in various fields of music for target groups and the community.


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To be the pioneer, catalyst and a world class centre of music.



To produce musicians, music educators and musicers who are versatile, focused and holistic through innovative teaching, learning and research, fostering musical development and meeting the needs of the society.

The Faculty of Music is one of UiTM’s youngest faculty having being formed in 2006. As the nation’s first faculty of music in a public institution, the faculty is on a path that will see it emerge as a strong force in music in higher education.

The faculty is devoted to the advancement of music and scholarship in Malaysia through academic excellence and high performance standards.

Our mission is to prepare students to become professional musicians and music educators in a holistic manner through creative teaching-learning strategies and research. We strive to create a nurturing and supportive environment while challenging students to develop their talents to the fullest.

With more than 300 music majors, the relatively small size of the faculty provides a conducive and productive atmosphere for ensuring individual attention for students in their music studies. We place an importance in maintaining a balanced emphasis on both performance and scholarship while presenting students with the training necessary to excel within their chosen field.

The faculty offers a diploma program leading to the bachelor of music in composition, performance and music education, as well as graduate degrees through the doctoral level. We aspire to establish a musical and academic foundation for life-long growth through programs and degrees that are tradition-based and future oriented with new programmes being designed to meet the diverse and changing needs of the workplace.

The faculty’s graduates provide the best example of its influence on the world of music. Our graduates appear in television series, win awards in popular music and compositions, and provide technical, creative and administrative support within the music industry around the globe.

I invite you to navigate the website to learn more about the faculty and to contact us should you have any further questions. You can also be updated with any of our performances held in the university or elsewhere which we invite you to attend.


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ramona Mohd Tahir